This tour is one of the favorite in our company. In the morning we will leave the Muscat hotel and go along the coast to the city of Sur. After 90 minutes we will get to the entrance to WadiShab. From there we will take a short boat trip on the small lake of Wadi. We will walk in the spectacular canyon of Wadi along steep cliffs, pools and fruit plantations. In 45 minutes we will reach the famous swimming pools. Here we change into bathing suits, leave our things and start to swim. After swimming / walking on the water we will come to the last pool. Here the water is deep enough, we must swim to reach the finish. Eventually there will be a small gap in the wall into which we will float into a fantastic cave with a waterfall inside. This will be the highlight of the trip. After we swim and relax in the sun. We will have dinner with fish or meat on coals. Then we return to the car. On the way back to Muscat, if we have time, we will go past Bama-Sinkholpark for a little stop and photos.

Cost= 170 OMR 440$

*price for 3 persons