We begin in Muscat and move east to the mountains of Hajjar. You are traveling south-east to the angling port of Kuriat, which is on the east drift toward the finish of the sandy plain. On the island you will see a watchtower, which can be come to by walking amid low tide. Along the shoreline is the mangrove woodland, which is home to flying creatures. Close Dibab is a gigantic karst hole known as Beit Al Afriyat – the “evil presence house” with clear green water. Down lead the means, and this influences it to resemble a pool.

Along the drift there are numerous little bays, concealing rocks and stretches of shorelines with white sand, which is washed by an unbelievable turquoise ocean.

At night, your last goal is Ras El Jiz, situated on the shore of the Arabian Sea. You will spend the night under the stars, tuning in to the hints of the ocean. Amid a stop in the outdoors you will stroll around the sand, you will see tremendous green turtles in the beams of the moon.

Cost= 170 OMR 440$

*price for 3 persons